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Have you got 5 minutes Ė Iíll change your world view. But first, slim down your browser window so the lines are not too long. Come back later if you donít have time now.

There is a lot to read so I want to give you a couple of key articles which I hope will convince you that this site has something for you. Each article shows how to get to its parent article in the top right.

Created: 2009/08/11. Updated: 2018/02/26.


Featured articles:

Godís Timetable
Preview the book that reveals Godís timetable for mankind hidden in Genesis. Youíll also discover a new twist in Adamís creation, not to mention the COI universe.  A must read!
The COI Universe
Preview "Where time begins", the book that explains how the universe was sculptured from the beginning of time. This is something for the astronomers as well as believers.
Confirmed Prophecy
Something for those interested in prophecy.
The Way Back Perhaps a different way to see what Jesus has done.

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