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God’s Timetable

The history and future of the universe on one page.

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Acknowledgements,   Foreword,   Preface.

Part 1: God’s timetable for mankind

The creation account on page 1, Genesis 1, not only describes the physical creation preceding mankind but prophetically describes the 7, even 8, millennia following Adam.
...6 down, 1 to go!
  1. Introduction
  2. Mapping days 1-4 ... The Old Testament.
  3. Mapping days 5-6 ... The New Testament.
  4. Mapping days 7-8 ... The Future.
  5. The day-night cycle
  6. It was good
  7. The separations
  8. Created for heaven
  9. Pictograms tell the story
  10. What does this mean?

11.Warning, warning, warning

Part 2: On day 8 – God’s timetable begins

God’s timetable starts with the creation of Adam after God rested on day 7, exactly as written. Intriguing issues are simply explained and the heart of the Father for His son is revealed.

  1. Introducing day-8 man
  2. The image, the likeness, the dilemma
  3. Lessons from Adam and Cain
  4. Sons of God and daughters of men
  5. About servants
  6. The challenges
  7. The Day-8 story
  8. Reviewing day-8 man
  9. About the Nephilim
  10. Life for life
  11. Noah’s outburst

Part 3: God’s way

The page 1 creation account is viewed through God’s eternal attributes. The roles of the Father and the Son in creation are revealed along with God’s time-scale. We even get a peek at how the material universe appeared.

  1. The starting point
  2. It’s just an introduction
  3. Important background
  4. From concept to creation
  5. It gets better – every day through Jesus
  6. The veil is lifted
  7. A big “what if” – millennium days

30. Time to wrap this up

These appendices support and extend the three themes of this book. They contain more exciting insights, not to be skipped.

Part 1: Appendix A – God’s timetable

A1. Pictorial timeline

A2. Comparison of alternative timelines

A3. Mapping sea and land

Part 2: Appendix B – On day 8

B1. No plants

B2. Was day-6 man hairy?

B3. Absence of good

Part 3: Appendix C – God’s way

C1. So, where were the heavens created?

C2. Further insights

C3. What the angels saw

C4. The COI Universe: Created from the Outside In

Supplements:  (on line only)

These supplements follow-up issues raised specifically in this book and go into more detail than the book can take things. Some refer to other internet sources and cover on-going discussions and support. Many other issues not directly related to this book are covered in other parts of this web-site. These can be accessed from the Cover page.

S1. Genetics supports day-8 man

S2. Challenging “The Book of Enoch”

S3-S9. The COI Universe Overview

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