Cover of The Way Back

 Rule 2: Jesus is the way back

After Game Start (why we need Jesus), and Game Over (what Jesus will soon do), itís time to put the focus on what Jesus has done on the Cross. But for me, the Cross is the place I started. I have also released this collection in the adjacent eBook: ďGeckoFocus: The Way Back Ē.

Created: 2008/11/29. Updated: 2016/01/29.


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Rules of Paradise 

Just two rules and no angry God in sight.

Just one rule 

See everything unfold through just one rule for absolute simplicity.

No Plan C

Just two options left and plan A failed. See plan B.

A Free Choice 

Restored to the days of Adam.


But repent of what?

As God Sees It

No longer academic but real and personal.

The living God

Re-discover the intimacy of His ways.

A Complete Victory

God makes Jesus victory permanent.

Salvation Baselines

Just two things to remember.

Forgiven Sinners

Not just forgiven but made righteous. It makes all the difference.

No Whipping Boy

Look again and see that Jesus was never punished.

The Music of Heaven

Itís about feeling what God feels.

The Harmony of Heaven

Itís about resonating with the focus of heaven.

Resource sites: BibleGateway,    Online Parallel Bible