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The COI Universe

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The COI universe model was inspired by Part 3 of Page 1: God’s Timetable , released in 2014. Most of the supplements shown here were developed between then and 2016. However, in 2016 I started work on a simulation of the gravitational field of the universe using the COI process. The results were astonishing. The simulation accurately predicted a plethora of observations about the universe that nothing else had ever been able to predict. (See COI Feature summary)

I wrote an eBook, “Where time begins” to capture the physics. The model also hints at mechanisms that account for the structure of the universe and the book canvases some of these possibilities. Let me be clear. This model does not require God. The book itself also does not need a lot of mathematical understanding; using graphical displays of galactic speeds to demonstrate the findings. It is technically way superior to the existing Big Bang Theory with an Expanding Universe. Yet, it is entirely consistent with the Genesis creation account. It firmly established our galaxy at the centre of the universe and explains how we can see to the extremity of the universe while being quite young. The book gives an excellent summation of this Biblical compatibility.

Please read “Where time begins”, (also listed as "Where Time Begins"). This is available at many eBook retailers with a large free preview. I recommend Smashwords.com because I get a slightly higher royalty there and because they support the PDF version. The PDF is not as flexible to read as the EPUB and MOBI versions but it will magnify the graphics as well as the text and it’s the graphics that tell the story. If you get the EPUB version and you are unhappy with the graphics rendering when using Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) to display the book, then please consider using Microsoft Edge which better presents the graphics in EPUB format.

A zip file containing the code and output data for the COI-MkIIa simulator can be downloaded via:

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*** This section is reserved for links to external research and comments related to the COI universe model.

The following articles offer further support, but do not reveal the detailed physics. Some comments and details were refined during the two years of development, so in places the following articles don’t include the latest aspects of the model. I still consider them of value because they go into more detail than the eBook.

Get the essential COI universe understandings (These articles are pre: Where time begins):

A lot of questions will certainly arise. If they are related to the Biblical consistency of the model then the following COI Universe Supplements are your next port of call:

If you want more technical depth then please look at:

If you want some philosophical discussions, I later added:

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