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My name is Nick Jones. I was born in the mid 50ís and live in South Australia. In 1984 God stepped into my life, well my bedroom at that moment, and after we sorted out who was going to be boss, I serve Him as a son. (Actually, I donít think I do the servant part very well, but praise God that a son is a son forever.) He introduced me to my wife in 1990 and has blessed us with a daughter and two sons.

Created: 2008/09/24.


My qualifications

I am not a pastor. I was an elder for a few years. I have no theological degree. I have nothing that would make you sit up and take notice of me. But I do have a beard. Any more detail about me would be a distraction, though I do give a testimony of how God turned my life around.

Here is what I declare. It could be summarised in different ways, but all with the same name, ďJesusĒ.

Why name this site GeckoFocus?

See Proverbs 30:28. I had a dream once. This verse seemed relevant and I always liked the little geckos out the back that gobble up insects (flies, lies). Something little and insignificant that gets close to the throne room. God is my witness that Proverbs 30:24 was not in my conscious recollection when I chose this title because it seems too grand. As the articles developed I began to see an underlying trend to focus the church on Godís timetable.


Donít read this until you have looked at most everything else. Itís a little bit different from most and I donít want you to think anything more (or less) because I can tell a good Holy Ghost story. Itís all too easy for someone to falsify such a story to gain favour or pretend to be really spiritual. You MUST judge what is written on its merits alone and by the witness of the Holy Spirit. But I cannot and will not deny the calling God has given me.

In 1984 I returned from working overseas. I was 28. When I was in my early teens, my family ceased to attend church, so I only had some distant Sunday School experience. But now, for the first time in my life, I was living by myself. Being alone was no problem. I had always been in the habit of thinking about all sorts of things to fill in the silence. Then in a short space of time three things happened. I am not even sure of the order now.

  1. Mum delivered a single cardboard box of things I had left at her place. Frankly, there were several car loads of stuff, but she only gave me this one box. I put it in the garage without examining the contents. In it was a Gideonís New Testament and Psalms Bible that I was given some 12 years earlier while at high school . (Praise God for the Gideon society.)

  2. I heard a review of the top ten best selling books on a radio program when driving to work. The announcer made a comment that, ďOf course the Bible was never included in the list because it out sold all the others. In fact it was the greatest literary work of all time but hardly anyone reads it.Ē Something inside me said to read it. I had never been an avid book reader but being alone and travelling a lot, I had just recently read a large Novel that I was given, so I was just ready for another book, and then there was the Bible in this box. I read it and then I asked mum if I could have her big Bible, you know, one with the Old Testament as well. I was in the habit of just reading a few chapters from the Old and New Testaments each night.

  3. I travelled to work in the city by train. Outside the station was a man giving out tracts. I accepted the tract out of politeness. There were no bins in that area and I recalled a recent article about toughening up enforcement of littering, so I tucked the tract into my briefcase. Later that night I read it. The main article was by a layman in New Zealand. He described a scene where a Judge was in court and a close friend was brought before him. The crime demanded a large fine and if unpaid, required a jail sentence. His friend was guilty and unable to pay. The court reporter had decided his story. If the Judge showed mercy and gave a light sentence the article would accuse him of favouritism and if he delivered a tough sentence the article would condemn him as heartless. So what did the judge do? He gave his friend the maximum fine demanded and then stepped down from the bench and paid the fine himself. And my heart just said yes. How else could I pay the fine except that Jesus paid it for me. If ever I think I might deserve a reward in heaven, then that man who stood outside the railway station that one day deserves it all. And I am sure he would point to someone else and so on and so on back to Jesus.

But nothing happened. I continued reading a few chapters a night. I didnít go to church. But I was playing hockey and one Saturday I was hit viciously across both knees. I could barely walk and the pain was very real. This continued without let-up for some days. Then in the middle of the night I woke because of a tremendous rattling of the windows and was then frozen stiff with fear due to an awesome presence in my room. My knees began to burn. I couldnít move. I donít know how long it lasted. The presence left and the windows stoped rattling and somehow I went back to sleep without moving. When I woke in the morning and got out of bed my knees were perfect. I remember thinking that it must have been an earth-quake that night. On the way to work I cut though the Physics department at the University because they had a seismometer, but it showed no trace and there was no report on the news.

I had read the bit in Acts 4:31 about the house being shaken but this only occurred to me years later. And when I did look back after a period of years I noticed that up until that time I had been a person who talked to himself heaps as I meditated on all sorts of issues. But in the years since that experience, and without any conscious transition, I had been talking to God. And the scary thing was that occasionally He spoke back.

The 20 years since then had lots of weird stuff happening. I call it weird because I did not understand it at the time and most people donít seem to experience it. In hindsight, everything had a biblical perspective. Some are too precious to describe. Dreams, visions, manifestations, visitations, healings, blessings, battles, and waiting. The Holy Spirit has been preparing me. But wait, my wife, my mother, my aunt, my niece, my daughter and close friends at my church all describe dreams and visions from God. It is not that unusual in the circles I move in, and our little church it is really not that radical.

I donít know how to finish this testimony. All I can do is to finish this series of articles and wait to see what He wants next.

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