Created: 2008/09/24. Updated: 2009/08/11.


Most of the ideas I present here are based on my own observations of scripture and science. I try to acknowledge where it’s not my own ideas but who can ever be sure what seeds some teacher or preacher or evangelist may have sown that are simply ripening. In the end it is all from God.

It sounds so much holier if I say it is revelation from God, but I’ll leave you to decide that. Personally, I was continually surprised at how this little adventure unfolded. There was more than I ever expected. I started out because I was grieved when I heard people suggesting the Bible was inaccurate or inconsistent, especially in regard to the creation account. I was aware of many technical confirmations of the Bible and was amazed at its consistency from beginning to end. I could see that you needed to see the whole picture from beginning to end because God is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End.

Don’t be confused! This is not a creationist web-site. I’m not interested in trying to prove God created the universe. In fact, the way I see it, that battle has already been technically won. The people who deny that there is a God just don’t realise they have lost. In fact this site is about taking the focus off of creation and onto the reason why God created all things. It puts a focus on God’s time table for mankind. It started with Adam 6,000 years ago. It will have a completion.

Again, don’t be confused! This is not an end-times web-site. Yes, it will be mentioned, but not as you might expect, with some road-map from the book of Revelation. This site is about seeing God’s purposes had a beginning, middle, and will have an end.

Along the way some conventional thinking gets a shake up. Hey, I got a lot of surprises myself. In hindsight, the ideas here serve to re-focus our attention on the Biblical time table so that we are ready for Jesus return. Science is left to play catch-up while we get on with the work to which Jesus has called us.

When I was well into the “Game Start” articles, a friend showed me a homework exercise he did at a local theological college. It was a list of Creation theories. Wow, there were a dozen or so. Some were rather off the wall and not at all biblical. Others like a two Adam theory and a day-age theory might be similar. Now, whether it seems right or wrong to you, I have not researched these other theories. I feel the Holy Spirit’s permission to share what He has enabled me to see. If you are familiar with these things, perhaps you will see confirmation. Perhaps you will see a slightly different flavour or even an entirely new light. But in hindsight, this was just a stepping stone for something much more radical that He wanted to show me in Genesis.

In the same way I started work on various articles that I later decided to call “2030 – Game Over” because it dealt with the pending return of Jesus. These issues were quite simple and my arguments were really just aimed at increasing expectation. I chose the title as a provocative way to show just how early that return could be.  But again, that was just a stepping stone to something more radical that He wanted to show me.

As I developed these articles I came to a much greater respect for the plain reading of the word of God – how accurate and precise it was. I thought I already had that when I started, but it only increased. Everyone seems to make deductions from what is written. Some do this so loosely based on the word of God that it is horrible. Others use wisdom from the Holy Spirit. This includes deductions made from the plain reading as well as deductions base on linkages between symbols and events at different places in history.

I like to call these deductions “hand waving”. The magician waves his hands or his wand and says the magic words and out pops a rabbit. There is good hand waving and bad hand waving. Scripture remains authoritative but our interpretations are often imperfect. This term, “hand waving” just reminds us that no one has a perfect interpretation or theology, except Jesus. He seemed always to speak in parables and symbols to His disciples and they never understood. Jesus had better understanding than anyone else because he came from the Father and was with the Father from the beginning. Rather than attempting a definitive explanation Jesus offered symbols, which interpreted with wisdom from the Holy Spirit, conveyed the understanding.

Boys and girls, we need wisdom. The Word of God is being mishandled and God is being given a bad name by large parts of the Church who slag other parts of the Church.

Thus God conceals His purposes in mysteries which are revealed to those He chooses (Proverbs 25:2, Luke 8:9-10, 1 Corinthians 2:7). A correct understanding of the plain reading is very important and we are greatly blessed to have modern translations that do this very well and the ability to easily review the Hebrew. However God can hide mysteries wherever He wants and he can hide them until He chooses to reveal them. Mysteries will bring glory to God and to Jesus and prepare his church.

The question before you is...

“Are the insights presented here hollow hand waving or genuine prophetic insight?”

If you consider it genuine then you will understand why we need to be focused.

Time and Experience

June 2009: After several years developing the initial Game Start and Game Over series of articles I published this site in September 2008 with very little review. I was quite naive and assumed that offering detailed scriptural support was enough. I have since realised that there was even more that the Holy Spirit had to show me. I was ignorant of the battle raging, not so much against worldly teachings about origins offered up as evolution and big-bang, but the battle within the Church itself.

Now I find myself increasingly dealing with questions of “why” rather than “what”. Before I started out on this adventure, I had some zeal for God’s word, though at that time my own understanding of scripture and God’s ways was nothing special. I still don’t feel that I am a teacher – merely that the Holy Spirit has chosen to show me some things that the Church needs to know. If I speak boldly in places it is not because I have great insight into the unfathomable depth and breadth of God’s word, but with the boldness to declare that which I have been shown.

You too will need boldness to grasp this word. I don’t think that these are so much teachings that will consciously direct your walk with God, but rather something that will embolden you to trust God and let Him lead you in these times.

...That is my prayer for those who read these words.

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