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Most people seem to get someone with a reputation to write a favourable foreword. This can be a good thing for Christians to filter out bad teachings. So look for someone whose reputation you trust. I on the other hand have no reputation. I depend solely on the Holy Spirit to witness the revelations disclosed in this site to you. If you confess Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, but disagree with any interpretation of Scripture here, then we can at least agree on the centrality of Jesus.

Well, I don’t personally know anyone with a big name. I don’t really want to go round pushing my ideas hoping someone with a big name will endorse them. Originally I thought perhaps that is how word would spread. Now, I would rather this be spread at a grass roots level as Christians take hold of God’s timetable and its implications. But actually I have no idea how this will spread. However God has assured me that He has a plan.

But I have found a few organisations that I greatly respect. One is “Creation Ministries International” (CMI) who seem to specialise in sharing the truth of the Bible in regard to creation and the book of Genesis. In 2005 I went to a presentation delivered by the founder of CMI. The Holy Spirit used this to ignite a passion for His word in this area. I learned a lot from the CMI team through their “Creation” magazine and INFObytes email updates. Though I have a few theological differences with them, I have great respect for this team and recommend that you visit their web-site, or get some copies of their quarterly “Creation” magazine. It is one of the best ways to increase your awe of God’s word in the book of Genesis.

I did submit my site for review by CMI in its early stages in Nov 2008. It was brief and sad. See DJ reviews Game Start. Another review in 2010 of what later grew into Parts 1 and 2 of the book, “Page 1: God’s Timetable”, got a couple of ticks for the timetable in Part 1, but an overall “wrong” for Part 2. Now it’s April 2015 and I was re-reading my web-site, and I wondered why I advertise these unfavourable reviews? Worse still, I consider CMI as sort of mentors, perhaps holding more in common than with many others. But there are not many places where you can find people who so respect the Word of God in the area of Genesis. Looking back however, I have learned so much from their challenges. I have been able to see different understandings and the reasons underlying them. Indeed, during that I found even more support for my arguments.

So, if you are a CMI supporter, or a Young Earth Creationist in general, know that you have my respect, but this site is not for you... Unless that is, you have heard that someone has found a confirmed prophecy about the entire human history and an intimate God, sitting right there in your backyard. And even more, a Biblically compatible model for the creation of the universe that reveals Jesus on page 1, then maybe you should have a peek. If you still seek someone with a known, trusted name, then I recommend the Holy Spirit.

Whatever you see yourself as, or belonging to, or following; I recommend a visit to The Way Back to discover something about the Grace of God through Jesus. The articles there are my attempt to reveal the blinding simplicity of it all by revealing the completeness of what Jesus has done.

In fact, if anyone wants to rebuke any understandings offered here, why not ensure that it can be found by searching with the key words “rebuke_geckof ”, but please read Rules of Rebuke first. And if you like, or want to extend any issue, then ensure that “confirm_geckof” will find your article. I suggest the use of “review_geckof” for review or blog forums. So anyone looking here can go and do these searches and see all opinions. Perhaps I’ll even assemble a list of pros and cons or frequently asked questions.

Most articles show a “Created” date. This website went online in 8th Oct 2008. Most files show a date of September 2008 because that’s when I decided to add the dates, but were developed between 2005 and 2008. If I make any significant change to an article I will add an “Updated” date.

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