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Has something here challenged you? I like to hear how people respond to the things I share at this site. So, I welcome your mail, but first, please consider some of the issues described here.

Created: 2008/09/24. Updated: 2018/02/26.


E-mail me: ďinfoĒ at ďgeckofocusĒ dot ďcomĒ. 

Post to: PO Box 508, Brighton 5048, South Australia

Essential email etiquette:

All emails should start with three sentences...

  1. Tell me who you are and include some brief personal disclosure. Personal, not private or intimate. Itís just to establish a conversation.
  2. Tell me why you think I can help. This is not about flattery, but unless you respect my opinion for some reason; there is no point in me offering a response.
  3. Tell me the nature of the request, not the specific question.

>> I will reply and invite you to tell me the query.

Donít send anything more, especially attachments, and keep the above dialog in subsequent email messages.

Here is an example:

1) Hi, my name is John Smith and my three children think I tell really bad dad jokes.
2) I have never seen anyone else reveal the role of Jesus in Genesis the way you do.
3) My question is from the book of Revelation

>> Hi John, whatís the question?

Warning:    23 Sep 2018

I may close this email when things get too busy for me. However, if itís important enough for you to stamp and post it, I will try and make the time to reply, but please enclose an email response address. Also check the above date and if itís a more than a year old, then maybe I am dead or taking a break.

It would be nice if you offer your first name and state which I may include in a ďFrequently Asked QuestionsĒ folder. No other identifying information will be included. I will not reveal your email address nor do I keep any records.

While you are waiting for a reply, please consider the following issues...
(Donít hold your breath.)

I canít fix it!

You canít fix it!

Do you believe?

If you are not a believer, or want to believe then here are some tips...

Do you want to tell me Iím wrong?

I have peppered all my articles with quotes from the Bible and been sure to give you links so you can check it out in several different versions if you want. When people say that I am wrong, my experience is that they are often holding certain understandings too narrowly. Even John the Baptist had problems. John declared that Jesus was the Lamb of God (John 1:29), so John understood that Jesus was to fulfil the suffering servant prophesy (Isaiah 53). But John could not see how Jesus could also be the Messiah to rule and reign forever (Daniel 7:14, Isaiah 9:6-7). So John asked Jesus (Matthew 11:2-3). But the Pharisees could not reconcile the command to do no work on the Sabbath with Jesusí healing of the sick on the Sabbath, and they decided to kill Jesus. ...So, do you want to ask me a question or do you want to kill me?

Look, I know to whom I belong and my salvation is guaranteed by Jesus. If you feel the same way then we may not need to actually agree on every understanding. What concerns me most is the image people portray of my God and many of my articles deal specifically with that. If you see something in my articles that you think dishonours my God or places an obstacle in front of people who are seeking the one true God, then we have something important to resolve. Perhaps I need to add some clarification or perhaps you need to adjust your image of God and of His Word.

Teachers for these times

After spending 7 to 10 years learning to trust and wait, not chasing teachers and conferences or a multitude of books, a friend introduced me to Joseph Princeís books ( and to Andrew Wommackís web-site ( ). I felt they were more than just refreshing but had messages for the church in these times. This happened mid 2008, when I was drawing near to the initial launch of this site, and I felt that the Holy Spirit was planning it like this. So perhaps these men will have something for you. I donít seek their endorsement nor expect them to even know of this site.


These concepts have been going round in my head for a decade, but not until now, Feb 2005 as I write, has He given me the OK to share it. Then, as I typed it, even more ideas came to me. Perhaps He will release this through a variety of sources independently as confirmation or perhaps this is confirmation to you. If you are hearing His voice, do not harden your heart. Then I hit a wall and for a year or two and it just sat there. Then a heap more stuff. I wonder when I will ever release it.

...Oops, now itís March 2007 and I wonder when I will unveil this Ė but Heís still showing me new stuff!

...Now itís July 2008 Ė still more cool stuff but perhaps Iíll release it soon.

...Oct 2008 Ė released at last!

...Nov 2013. My friends said I needed to put Godís Timetable into a book. At last its done.

...June 2014 Ė the Book is available.

...Apr 2016 Ė the Book publisher goes into liqidation ..stay tuned.

...Feb 2018 Ė Published Where time begins after two years research.

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