Game Start Ė Genesis 2

Several understandings of Genesis 1 are presented. Wow, only God could capture all this, even the last 6,000 years summarised on page 1. But Genesis 1 is just a preface that sets the scene for the most amazing event in Heaven and Earth when God reveals His purpose in creation. One radical idea, (well, three by the time I finished), that is obvious in hindsight, unlocks a whole new perspective.

Created: 2008/09/24. Updated: 2015/07/12.


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The Summary

Why read this? Have a peek at whatís to come!

The ďWhyĒ Questions

Answers that you will need if you want to go on this journey with me.


This is the radical bit! ...It started here but grew into the focus of this web-site.

Created Mortal

A hindsight look at several divisive issues in Genesis. This is an important prelude to subsequent articles.

Experts miss the point

Even experts interpret scripture incorrectly when they use the wrong image of God.

The Models

Genesis 1 reworked with various understandings or misunderstandings. What it can be; what it can not be; and what we learn.

But what about

More detail on relevant scriptures Ė the sort of thing you leave till the very last.


Not what they said, but what they imparted.

Cover Images from Genesis.

Images from Genesis

The preceding articles introduced what I call the radical stuff. However many side issues cropped up over the two or three years I developed those topics. In hindsight they all deal with the image of God we pick up from Genesis. I have left them roughly in the order I created them. Browse them randomly, or top to bottom to see the journey I went on, or start from the bottom to see where I ended up. Sometimes itís easier to read these articles in eBook format. I have released this collection in the adjacent eBook: ďGeckoFocus: Images from GenesisĒ.

Godís image

The greatest export from Genesis.

The Angelsí perspective

What amazed the angels.

Judgement or Consequences

What we misunderstand.

Seed and Fruit

The symbols are the same from page 1 onwards.

More than a menu

Isaiah 65:25 as you never saw it.

Rules of Paradise 

No angry God in sight.

Creation was not Utopia

Things get a lot simpler.

The Post Fall Picture

Not driven out but re-settled.

The Trees, Sin, and God

A reality check and a revelation.

Adam lied to Eve 

An insight into Godís grace befor the only rule was broken.

About the snake

What we always knew, but did Adam make it to heaven?

The Curses

Somethings you did not notice with a twist you will love.

Rules and Assumptions

What I did and what I found Ė a summary. The story has not changed but we need a new rule.

Leave room for God

Have the mechanical details side-tracked creation theology?

Reviewing Genesis 9:3

A first time permission to eat or a restoration?

The Trees in Heaven

The Trees of Life in Heaven are not about mortality but joy inconceivable.

About Punishment

Godís view and use of punishment from Genesis to Revelation.

A Parting Gift

Prompted by the loss of a mentor and champion of the Classic view of Genesis.

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