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  A little shakeup

In hindsight it seemed to me that the following topics have a common theme of causing us to question our own personal philosophy. Why should you take on this challenge? Well, perhaps you will end up finding Trust more beautiful than Understanding and Hearing better than Knowing. I also believe a shakeup is on the Lordís agenda for these times, (Hebrews 12:26). I have also released this collection in the adjacent eBook: ďGeckoFocus: ShakeupĒ.

Created: 2008/09/24. Updated 2016/03/01.


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Living in a vacuum

We all have a personal philosophy.

Kill Eat

Peterís shakeup. This is later expanded in What went wrong in Acts

What went wrong in Acts 

Where the Church in Jerusalem lost the plot.


The early Church was empowered by an imminent expectation of Jesus return.


The early Gentile Churches possessed an innocence before God.

Remember me

Everyoneís shakeup.

Do you love me?

Peter misses the point again.

Love misunderstood

Lots of good stuff but donít go here without the Holy Spirit.

Power misunderstood

Plain talk from Jesus, but we miss it.

Conception is not Life

When does God say life starts?

Godís Anatomy

God reflected in our Anatomy.

God above the Bible

A preachment and warning.

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