Serious challenges to my assertions. Donít go home without reading the critique.

Created: 2008/11/13. Updated: 2009/11/01.

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What good is it if I offer feedback that praises my assertions. You can see for yourself what I assert and you must depend only on the Holy Spiritís witness. But perhaps my sly words or misunderstandings has misled you. You need to see the corrections and rebukes. I suggested the use of ďrebuke_geckofĒ or ďreview_geckofĒ in my Foreword to search out any on-line challenges. But here are some, well one for now, that I want you to see.

DJ reviews Game Start

A Creation champion slams Game Start.

Do you want this spot?

See What to do next

Anyone out there want to post a ďconfirm_geckof Ē? Iím not particularly concerned, but itís a little lonely at the moment. You can email me a link, but I donít want to publish it. It must be seen as independent.