A tribute to my mum

This is a collection of poems that were written by my mum. She seemed to capture things in a few lines that my words could never communicate.

Created: 2012/08/17.


Dawn’s comments: “The following thoughts came to me as I travelled on a bus through the night. I always like to know my bearing from the Southern Cross and see that it is where it should be – and know that all is well.”


The night surrounds me
But you are always there
Speed on through the dark
The trees rush past
Their arms outreached
They fear not
The moon looks on
The Cross shines down
And all is well.

Just you and me Lord
As the darkness flows by,
Your creation rests
And I’m the intruder.
We are all as one
In the darkness,
But I know Your Light is there.
And the Cross shines down
And all is well.

Is anyone there?
The night seems so black.
There has to be.
Your love surrounds me
Your Presence embraces me
Yes Lord, I only know
You will never leave me.
The Cross looks down
And all is well.

Dawn Jones, 26/10/97

(untiltled by Dawn)
...Just you and me

Just you and me Lord
As we walk hand in hand
While waves broke so softly
Gently caressing the sand.

The sun sank low
On a cloud of gold
And a pelican swooped by
So majestic and bold.

The gulls wheeled round
And cried their delight
As they foraged for food
In the fast fading light.

My heart filled with joy
Only You Lord could know
You give me so much
My cup overflows.

We must share our love Lord
Because that’s what you do
But just for this moment
Please, just me and you.

Dawn Jones

I believe in a miracle

I believe in a miracle
As the earth greets the sun
Birds herald the morning
A new day has begun

Yes, I hear a miracle
When comes the first cry
From a babe in a manger
Under star-studded sky.

I see a miracle
The greatest to tell
When God sent his Son
Here with us to dwell.

Rejoice in this miracle
Let the Christmas bells ring
All Glory to God
To our Saviour, our King.

Dawn Jones

My Mountain

Yes Lord, it’s me again
Calm my fears
And quiet my soul
There’s a big, big mountain ahead.

Sleep’s solace eludes me
Please take my hand
And guide me
Over that big, big mountain ahead.

My strength is restored
My faith is strong
In your word it is written
Say “move” to that mountain ahead.

I thank you and praise you
For your grace and your love
As we cross over that mountain
That big, big mountain ahead.

Dawn Jones

With love

I feel a new song coming,
That reaches deep my soul
It lights the fleeting moments
As I strive to reach the goal.

I gather up these moments
And store them in my heart,
For God delights in giving
He has known me from the start.

His gifts of Love and Joy and Peace
Cannot be bought or sold,
They are unconditional
More precious than silver or gold.

I love you Lord
For you are all I need,
A I give you all the Glory
As I seek to follow your lead.

Dawn Jones

Nick’s comments: On the occassion of my daughter's 3rd birtday, mum penned this...

Dear Bianca

Happy 3rd Birthday
It’s great to be here
What a joy to be born
In the spring of the year.

The flowers are blooming
The bees are buzzing
The birds are singing
Bianca is 3 today.

There’s a birthday cake
And candles to light
Then you blow then all out
With cries of delight.

Precious Bianca
We all love you so
May God watch over you
Wherever you go.

From your loving
   Nana Dawn XXX

Dawn Jones, 1926 - 2012
A blessing to, and loved by, all who knew her.

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